What is a LimeRant? Simple – it’s when the limey has a rant. It could about a be a movie, an actor, a director. This is where I can let it all out!

Got an idea for a LimeRant? Disagree with one that’s all ready out there? Let me know! Let’s keep the discussion going!

┬áMy LimeRant on Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained is now live.

LimeRant #1 – Django Unchained – Spoiler Alert!

For this rant you will need the following: A bottle of your favourite tasty beverage A shot glass An iPod (0r its non-Apple equivalent) containing the Django Unchained soundtrack Sit back, pour yourself a shot. Get comfy. Now, every time the word “Django” is mentioned in this rant, or you hear the word “Django” on […]

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